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“THAT GRASSROOTS RAMBLE” the show that brings you all the latest from the world of grassroots football including news, how-to guides, interviews, hints, tips and special features.

As part of our club marketing series we talk content with our very own Charlotte Richardson. We talk everything coaching with Football Association Coach, Mentor and Tutor Lee Suter. And talking of challenges, we asked you to vote for what you think the toughest challenges are for the grassroots football community. The topic has got you talking, and in this episode we share your thoughts and comments.

Part 1 - Club Marketing Workshop - Content

It was brilliant to read some of the comments from our first episode. It was really interesting to see how so many people across the country understand the importance and want to know more about marketing and social media. That’s really good to see and having rambled on about social media we look in more detail at content:


Part 2 - Interview with FA coach, mentor & tutor Lee Suter

When we asked you what topics you’d like to cover, a number of you got in touch to discuss the challenges that crop up being a coach. Some of you may be qualified coaches and some of you might simply lend a hand every now and then. To help us delve a bit deeper into the world of grassroots coaching, we spoke to FA coach, mentor and tutor Lee Suter:


Part 3 - Largest challenges in the grassroots game!

This discussion was really about opening a conversation about what is affecting the grassroots game. Not only looking at the threats but the opportunities too. Certainly, the opportunity in future episodes to bring you expertise and advice to help combat things clubs tell us are a struggle:


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